From skipping P.E. classes to long distance running.

I fell in love with running the moment I put on those old pair of running shoes 3 years ago. I was that person who skipped P.E. class, bagged the doctor for a fake paper saying that I had a condition just so I didn’t have to attend classes. I hid behind my elementary school when they made us run around the block.. sorry Mr Teacher.
As the years went by things didn’t really change. My job was very demanding, having to stand 8+ hours a day but besides that I was never into any exercises. Little things started to bother me on my body but it was never bad enough for me to take actions. I knew one day I’d have to start going to the gym but I just could’t get myself to sign up. I wanted to fast forward time and have the body I wanted without actually working for it.
Finally after listening to my husband’s nagging for literally a year I gave in on a September afternoon and found myself on a treadmill a few hours later. My first run lasted for about 15 minutes and I felt miserable for an hour afterwards. But something clicked and I was back the next day. For the first time in my life I didn’t give up. Just a week later we travelled to Hawaii and my body was already craving running so we woke up every day 6 am to run.

Somewhere at the beginning of my running journey. New York City.

Soon the gym didn’t satisfy my hunger and I needed more. I was really scared to take my miles to the streets. I felt insecure and thought everyone will look at me and think that I run funny or slow.. But I laced up despite all my fears and ran 2 miles outside. Needless to say it was hell.. but I kept putting on those running shoes day after day and fought hard. Pretty soon I got to that very much desired 5k distance (I have to mention that I wanted to yell at my husband and divorce him that day I was so tired and helpless.. he dragged me trough that run).

Running was okay by myself and  I thought that I didn’t need company. In fact I was against joining a group. I wasn’t confident enough I guess.

hit&run roma.jpg

Davide explaining the workout. 600+ squats and running. *my face

Things changed when we visited Rome and went for a Nike HIT&RUN session. We had such a great experience that when we got back to New York we signed up for our first run with Nike NYC. That was a Wednesday Home Run on July 1st 2015. I know, I’m a geek but I will never forget this because that night was life changing. From that day we became regulars and attended every session what our schedule let us.
I had the opportunity to learn from experienced runners, I shared the road and track with better, stronger and faster athletes. I started improving myself and with each run I felt more powerful than before. I understood so much more about my body which instantly helped me become a better version of myself.
With the help of the team spirit I grow into a long distance junkie. The spirit of the other runners around me helped me carry myself trough tough workouts I never dreamed that I would be able bare one day. During the summer of 2015 I surprised myself countless times. I realized how arrogant I was thinking that I could do this all by myself. From running my longest miles in the middle of New York summer to waking up way early every Saturday after a double shift, pushing myself on the track and running faster than ever before despite all my fears.. all these were made possibly by the #CrewLove. I know now that the only way to get better is to surround yourself with people who are better than you are. Don’t fear it just do it!
My running journey has recently taken a new turn.. More on that in my next post 🙂
What are your thoughts on this? Are you a solo runner or believe in the group energy? Tell me about your journey!
hit&run nyc1

NRC New York City. Team mates, friends, family!


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  1. So happy that you’ve started a blog so that your American friends can keep up with you! And yes, I’m in complete agreement on the group theory. NRC was life changing for me as well. I tell people that all the time. The group gives you energy that you wouldn’t otherwise have. In addition to the energy, the group provides built in friendships, accountability, and fun. These are all good things that help us to be better athletes and people 🙂

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