Just a little bit about myself.

I’ve been meaning to start this blog for some time now just wasn’t sure how. That’s how I found myself desperately googling ‘how to start a blog’ earlier today. After five minutes reading about whys, hows, dos and don’ts I figured let’s start typing and see what happens. This moment is just as good as any other moment so why wait? It won’t get less scary tomorrow.. It’ll be just as hard to put myself out there. No one will do things for you (unless you are Beyonce) so might as well put on my big girl pants and start my blog. What I’ve learned from journaling, only the first few seconds are awkward ‘what will I write about?’ Anything and everything. So here I am, bare with me.

A little bit about myself: I was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. I lived there for the first 20 years of my life, then spent 10 years living abroad and traveling the world. It all started in 2005 when I met the love of life. Nobody would believe that two 20 years old kid would last very long but ‘hey’ he’s sitting across from me as I’m writing this 11 years later 😉 After dating just a little bit over 6 months we made up our naïve minds on a random Tuesday afternoon to move to Spain, walked into the first travel agency (don’t judge me, travel agencies were still a thing back then) and bought two tickets to the Canary Islands, specifically to Gran Canaria. Three days later we were there, with absolutely zero idea what were doing. Probably for the better because if we knew how hard it’s gonna be we wouldn’t have got on that airplane.


Gran Canaria, 2006

For the next few years we lived in Barcelona, Amsterdam with a  little detour to Sydney (long story, I will get to this in the future, don’t wanna bore anyone with details in my first entry). But no place felt right up until we moved to the other side of the Atlantic and landed in the Big Apple. We were freshly married and thankfully arrogant enough to believe that New York could be our home.


Just landed at JFK, 2009

The city can felt like home pretty much in no time. The diversity and the friendliness of the people will help you feel like a New Yorker from day 1. We quickly adjusted to the big city life and settle down in Astoria,Queens only 15 minutes from Manhattan on the train (known as subway to most).

The next six years went by a breeze. Work sucks you in and years fly by. This isn’t a complain this is just the reality. We travelled the world in the meantime so definitely NOT a complain 😉 I’m gonna be honest, I barely thought about Budapest or felt homesick. Once in a while I’d listen to Hungarian music and get emotional but learnt to silence my desire to spend more time in Budapest. Every time we visited I knew that the time was not enough but when we landed in New York that thought went away because we were preoccupied with the big city.


Brand new New Yorker, 2009

Despite that we had two good jobs and a decent lifestyle we gave ourself a deadline and said that end of 2015 we would quit our jobs and start focusing on our real passions. And so we did gave our notices at the end of December and we found ourself sitting in our apartment in the middle of January starring at each other like ‘what now’?! Well to be fair my husband was just fine since he had his online company to work on but I was more lost than ever before. Having that comfort pillow (job) taken away from me left me with no idea how to make myself useful. That’s when we started talking about the possibility to come back to Budapest and gave ourself some time with family and friends. To be honest once the subject came up there was no going back in my mind I knew that it would make me calm and collected once again. A few weeks later we were back home. That’s where I’m writing this from. We’ve been back in Budapest for a month now. I feel content now and confident in the future whatever there is for us. It feels great to be here and getting to know my own city all over again. I’m beyond words about that 10 years we spent away from Hungary. The best education you can get is traveling, experiencing different cultures and customs. To have this as my life still feels unreal. Don’t know much about what’s next but I’ll just focus on my passions and enjoy these beautiful Spring days we’ve been having lately. Here my Budapest Chapter begins..


Budapest, 2016


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  1. Deciding to finds oneself and persuing that passion is one of the braver things one can do for themselves. I’m happy you’re on this journey, keep writting as I have become an avid reader 😉

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