One coffee at the time.

As I mentioned we recently moved back to Budapest from New York City. My husband and I are both equally obsessed with cozy cafes and coffee in general. It was time to explore what Budapest had to offer.

I’ve found many places on social media and I already had my list ready. Let’s dive in..

The first week when we arrived we were naïvely getting ready on a Sunday at 9am to grab a coffee. But once I checked what places were actually open at that time of the day (literally none) our plans quickly changed. After a hour of research  I found one tiny cafe called Tamp&Pull in Czuczor street what opened at noon. That time I had no idea about the story behind it but when we got there the barista filled us in on everything we would need to know about the history of specialty cafes in Budapest 🙂 We learned that Tamp&Pull was one of the first ones to open back in 2012. Since then they successfully opened two other locations under the same name, and recently another one, called Kaffeine Espresso Bar, which has a completely different design. I really enjoyed the mini barista class that Levi improvised for us, his passion for coffee is undeniable. I was looking at him with bright eyes trying to remember half of the wise things he mentioned. Cool fact: They offer a tasting menu for HUF1500 which includes a ‘short’ a ‘white’ and a ‘long’ coffee. If you feel like dancing on the ceiling for the rest of the day it is definitely for you. Maybe one day I’ll be bad ass enough to try it myself. But for now I’ll just stick to my v60. Follow Tamp&Pull on Instagram!


V60 at Tamp&Pull

Kaffeine is probably on the top of my favorite list. It is located in Lovohaz street on Buda side. I just love everything about it. The interior is very welcoming, warm colors and friendly staff. They offer plenty of outdoor seatings, so go ahead and enjoy this beautiful weather with a lovely cup of latte outside. Their espresso drinks have an amazing creamy texture and prepared at a perfect temperature. I’d also like to highlight their tea presentation. The elegant glass cup is placed on a tall wooden box which has wholes on it. Once your tea gets cold you can dispose the old tea into the box and get a fresh refill into your pot. Little touches like this will make a big difference in your overall experience. Follow Kaffeine Espresso Bar on Instagram!




Tea set at Kaffeine Espresso Bar

One of the other coffee stores I wanted to check out was BisztroNyul (means Bistro Rabbit) in Bródy Sándor utca. I absolutely fell in love with this place on Instagram and I also read an article with Erzsi, the owner who explains the idea behind the cafe. She is very passionate about cooking (and I assume rabbits). I knew that I wanted to pay her a visit and congratulate her on the super cute design what she did with the place. It has that living room kind of feel, rustic yet homey. I just wanted to sit there and explore all the little details. Her love for the place is obvious and I couldn’t help but feel instant happiness when sipping on the latte she carefully prepared for us. You can tell that this is a LOVE project, Bisztro Nyul is Erzsi’s treasure box. Ps: The tiny bench outside is perfect for people watching. Follow Bisztro Nyul on Instagram!




‘Tip for carrot’ How can you not love this place?

Confession time: I’m currently obsessing over My little brew bar on Madach Ter. The very first brew bar in Budapest. I daydream about their v60, I could spend there all my time (and money). Having the nicest barista work there isn’t a bad thing either. If you would look up ‘brew coffee specialist’ in the dictionary, there would be a picture of him in it. He stayed calm and  didn’t get upset with me after basically interviewing him for about 2 hours asking all the possible questions. Thank you Andras! They offer 4-5 different kind of beans and they are happy to help you pick out the perfect combination. No need to worry if you don’t know much about Kenyan or Columbian beans.. just go there with an open mind. I promise that your taste buds will thank you for the experience. Follow My Little Brew Bar on Instagram!

IMG_7030 (1)


When it comes to coffee culture I have to say that Budapest is catching up to the hype. I will write about other spots such as Pazar or My Green Cup in the near future.

Are you a coffee drinker or a tea lover? Do you prefer a ceramic cup or just ‘grab and go’ paper cups? Tell me about your favorite local spot?