The city is my gym.

I’m all for urban running and street workouts! I like my sessions to be sweaty, intense and crazy enough to scare me. A lot of people ask me what kind of workouts I usually do or where do I do my routines? So let’s talk about this a little bit. Are you ready? Here we go..

I’m a firm believer that the best gym you can ever attend is the streets of your city. You will never need an appointment or worry about schedule. It will never be full and you will never have to run side by side with any weirdos wearing full make up. When I still had a gym membership I had to deal with girls bitching in the locker room about other girls, or fight my way into a group class, not having enough space for myself and leave frustrated. As I was falling in love with running , I slowly shifted and started taking more and more of my workouts outdoors. When I found myself running in the park in -5 degrees with headwind that almost blew me into the East river that was the moment I realized I was in no need of a gym membership anymore.


The roads are open in any weather condition.

Besides running I started using Nike’s NTC application. The app has probably hundreds of different sessions you can choose from. From a quick 5 minute warm up session, up to 45 minutes of hell.. when I say hell, I mean FUN!

FullSizeRender 2

Metabolic Kick Hit, NTC

Most of the workouts only require your own bodyweight. But I also improvise many times or adjust the workout. I don’t let myself make up excuses for not having certain equipments, such as a box, I just find stairs or a bench instead. Problem solved!


Side planking on my neighbor’s stairs. #SorryNotSorry

One of the great things about this app is that you can just do the routines on the go as well. I never NOT workout especially when I travel. Vacations are always my favorite time to exercise. There’s nothing better and more refreshing than shake out your arms and legs after flying for hours. Usually I wake up 5 am and run 10+kilometers, shower and have breakfast by 8 am. And I always make sure to hashtag my vacation runs with #JetLaggedMiles 🙂


Fighting jet lag and humidity in Vietnam.

You get to explore so much more on foot and running will give you a nice booty addition to the sightseeing.


Plank with a view in Sydney.

I learned not to care about strange looks or anyone’s opinion. You never know..maybe they stare because they wish that they were brave enough to workout anywhere anytime. I always try to have fun with it and not take myself too seriously. I just do what feels right for me.


There might not be a name for this exercise but I was it counts! 😉

When you take your workouts to the streets or your local park you will never have an excuse not to work out. We are all more than just a gym and it’s four walls, lace up, go outside and explore! If you need some motivation you can always ask a friend to join you. Workout buddies will also give you accountability. When you have a sweat session date with someone you are more likely to show up because you know that the other person is waiting for you.


I made many friends in Vietnam. *she hates me

What is your take on gyms or group classes? Do you enjoy the city vibes or you like to be weather proof and stay indoors? 

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