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Since I quit my job back in December I lost a major part of regularity in my life. As for everyone else the biggest part of my days were involved around my job. My schedule was a little bit different from 9-5 office hours, I mostly worked night shifts so basically my days went by, by waiting for 3-4pm to leave my house and go to work. I usually worked late so many times I wasn’t in bed until 1-2am. This meant that as much as I wanted to be an early bird and wake up at 8am it was almost impossible. My Saturdays were always a mess. Many times I only slept 5-6 hours then met with Nike NYC for long run and by noon I felt like a zombie who got hit by a truck. (To be exact, a freaking bad ass zombie who ran 13+miles on a banana) March 1st we moved back to Budapest and I knew that I will need a strict daily schedule since working from home and out of cute little cafes can get tricky. I did not wanna get lost in the process and get lazy. My days have been long and busy these days. I thought that I will have all the time in the world. NOPE! From the moment I wake up I do stuff and all of a sudden it’s 10pm.. I’m more productive than ever before. When I had a regular job I always had an excuse not to do things for myself (kind of ridiculous, I know). Because of the long hours I worked I was always tired. After all those years slaving for other people I finally get to work on the greatest project I will ever have to work on..MYSELF! Here’s how I manage my time these days..

If you follow me on Snapchat I’ve probably been annoying you with my daily 8am snaps like “Ready for anything” .. “Make your days count” etc. This is called: motivating myself 🙂

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Since I work from home I had to create a schedule that works for me. I wake up around 7:15am ( except on Fridays when I have my Early Bird Run with Budapest Running Project ) give myself 10 minutes to check my phone then grab two big glasses of water (H2O!!!), wash my teeth, brush my hair, put on some coffee and change from PJ’s.. I stay comfortable but I have to at least pretend that I somewhat dressed up, ready to be an adult and get sh!t done. I sit by my self-made office desk (kitchen table #oops) for hours and plan, organize, research. I realized that the above mentioned morning routine is super important and I keep it up everyday. Even on weekends. If I didn’t have this and I wasn’t forcing myself out of bed, I would very possibly get lazy.


Short notes will help you focus on what’s important.

Routine is not always bad. You just have to know if it’s the right one for you or not. If it makes you excited and happy everyday then you are on the good path. Recently I go to bed every night feeling the butterflies in my belly and picturing what my next day is gonna look like!? I try to stay productive and active especially during that mid afternoon lazy moments. I quit taking naps which I’m very proud of. I used to nap all the time almost everyday 20-30 minutes sometimes a hour and I woke up feeling shitty and  with full of regrets that I wasted precious time. When you feel like falling asleep, drink some water, have a little snack or just simply stand up and start moving for a few minutes. Self motivation is the key. You have to have it otherwise nothing will work. I wake up each day ready to hustle hard for my dreams. After all these years I’m building my own empire not someone else’s.


Enough said!

Posting pictures and leaving myself constant reminders in my journal is a great way to always remember why I started and where I’m heading. Find what gives you motivation, do whatever excites you!

What are the ways that you use to stay focused? Does posting your process on social media help you stay true to your goals? 

Have to give credit to Gretchen Rubin for the motivational quote.



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