I just ran my first official Half Marathon.. 

When we decided to move back to Budapest, I knew that I had to run this race. I’ve been training constantly and I could say that I’m half marathon ready on any given Saturday but when you sign up for a race the pressure is definately higher.

Few month ago. Saturday long run with Nike NYC.

I was always running the longest distances with the Nike crew back in New York. I was basically marathon ready last year I just didn’t have a race to run. I was either lazy to sign up or just wasn’t there mentally yet. But I figured if somewhere, Budapest would be the best place to run my first official half marathon.

16miles/25k. Summer of 2015 with Nike NYC.

I signed up 6 weeks prior to the race. So I just jumped into it without doing any proper training. I knew that I can run the distance but I was nervous because as much as I wanted to convince myself just to have fun with it I knew that it does’t work this way. My biggest competition is myself so when I set my mind on 1:45 there was no going back. I wanted to run a better time than what I already had on the distance but I didn’t feel like I had it in me. Since we moved back to Budapest I started a running group, Budapest Running Project I’ve been running with them a lot recently so I didn’t train on my own terms. That would be totally fine but I could feel on my solo runs that I was losing fitness, I just didn’t feel like my old self.. I also have to blame all the great but heavy food I’ve been stuffing my face with since we are back home. Hungarian comfort food is no joke and I definitely gained a few pounds.


Also blaming the pastries..

When this email came in my mailbox things started to get real..


The welcome letter.

I kept up my Tuesday Tempo runs but I did not gain any confidence from them. None of my runs went well enough. At least not well enough for my expectations. I knew I could run faster I just didn’t find the power in my legs and lungs. My longest training run was a few meters shy of 24k. That run went pretty great except I wasn’t sure if I will be able to keep the pace I wanted to on race day.



When the big day came, I laced up my shoes and told myself “not to worry just put one foot in front of the other” NO BIG DEAL! Done this many many times before.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

Layout the night before.

Was I nervous? YES. Was I even more excited to run my city and have my family cheer for me? HELL YES! At 9am we were off..

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

PACKED in group 2.

During my first mile I felt great but I knew that I had to hold back a little bit, didn’t want the excitement to get the best of me. Headwind was insane all the way until half way. I was struggling to push through. I was questioning everything and I wasn’t sure what the heck I was doing. This was my first race so I was pushing my limits and I was just hoping that my body will cooperate.


Early on the course. Holding up a heart signs for my brother-in-law. Still cute 🙂

I was doing alright considering the wind and that I dropped my candy what I was planning to eat at half way..yep, good bye sugar rush. I had to keep it together since my family was waiting at mile 10 around 16k. I wanted to look somewhat collected for them.


‘Mom, get off the course’

By mile 12/19k I was completely done and exhausted. My vision was blurry and my legs were giving up. There was so much dust and sweat in my eyes, I was beyond uncomfortable. But I knew that these are the signs that I’m running my absolute best. I didn’t wanna stop but I listened to my better judgment and the next and last hydration point I stopped for a minute to eat a piece of banana and drink water with magnesium. Then kept running.. only 2k to go I still felt like that this race will never end. I couldn’t feel the difference between uphill, downhill or flat anymore I had tunnel vision and blocked out everything. Just focused on the last stretch. I crossed the finish line and all my pain went away and happiness took over. Proudly excepted my finisher medal and grabbed my post race package.


With my #SoFast hubby.

I met up with my husband who crossed the finish line 15 minutes before I did. #ProudWife.

My goal was 1:45 and I ran 1:44:59. I know that I have more in me, I will bring that next time with me to the start line. As Nike say it “There’s no finish line”. Training never stops and I feel motivated and excited to be better, stronger and faster. My sister asked me if I would do it again. You probably already know what my answer was 😉

I’m writing this two days after the race. Last night I ran four something miles, a little bit more than 6k. It felt okay, I needed to move my body a little bit. Everything hurts and I feel sleepy. I probably 86’d one of my toenails but “oh well” who needs 10 toenails anyways? My body need to recover, I ran hard, this is totally normal. I always thank my legs that they carry me trough long and challenging runs! Take care of your bodies, fuel up and keep running! NEVER STOP RUNNING!

Who else ran their first race recently? Anyone training for any big races where they wanna score a PR? Share your story with me!

I was wearing Nike Running and Nike Women during the race. My Pegasus 32 kept up with me really well and that running short is my absolute favorite.