Just open your eyes.. 

Inspiration is literally everywhere! If you keep your mind fresh and open motivation will find you. The more productive you are the better the chances that you will notice little messages.

Stumbled upon on this gem while shopping.

You just have to know what you are looking for. If it’s negativity, you sure will meet even more negative people and experiences. Be ready to feel great everyday..why not? It takes just as much energy to be positive or negative. It’s your choice.

That little devil in my head ‘BUT WHAT IF!?’

My friend dragged me to this shirt and said that this is a message for her. Little did she know that this is a powerful reminder for me too. What if we stopped worrying about things that will likely never even happen?! What if we could silent our doubts and chase after our dreams without questioning every little step? It is hard, I know but remember that nothing great will ever grow from fear. Just start somewhere, start with what you have and if time is your excuse..

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Street art motivation from Sydney.

Make time for what’s important. It can be a hour long brainstorming session or it can be only a single idea what takes 20 seconds to write down. Many times I forget what I wrote the night before and when I read it back in the morning it makes so much sense and I never ever regret spending time with myself and my thoughts.

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Old magazines=Ideas

This is an “on the spot” post. Today’s senseless shopping spree turned into this short note to all my success hungry readers 🙂

Have you ever noticed something very meaningful just by being aware of the moment? 

Major shout out to Bershka for the inspiration for the blog post. Cover picture credit goes out to Startup creative .





2 thoughts on “Just open your eyes.. 

  1. ” What if we stopped worrying about things that will likely never even happen?!” This is something I have to remind myself everyday, the inner dialogue should be about hope, dreams, joy, love and creativity.
    I´m loving this petite, keep up the great work! ❤


    • So hard to live by this.. But just today I overcame a big fear of mine and I feel so much better now! We constantly worry and fear things that will never happen in real life just in our minds.. Thanks Vicki!


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