Show up for yourself..

The other day I planned a workout date with my husband.. To be excatly frank I was gonna work out while he’d be sitting on a bench working from his Macbook. I had this whole romantic idea in my head that we would bike to the park together, I get my sweat fix, he gets his work done. The trouble came when he decided to bail out on this absolutly amazing opportunity 🙄 To be fair his point was that there would be no wifi in the park. Okay, that’s totally understandble but I was crushed. I really thought that we were going together and also I needed somoone to take pictures of me while working out DUH! Hubby was trying to convince me to stay home and do my session in the living room but I wanted to be outdoors. It took me 20minutes to finally get over my heartbreak. I almost gave up on my workout completely. Eventually I got my shit together and cycled by myself out to Margaret Island.

I found a quite area under a beautiful cherry blossom tree. Right away I felt amazing. Started my NTC session and let my mind shut down. Except that my arms were screaming after the endless seconds of planks. A couple of minutes can feel like a lifetime in this position but the more you practice it, the better you will get at it.

Strong core Stronger runner!

I did four different shorter workouts including some much needed yoga moves. I usually avoid yoga but this few minutes felt amazing and relaxing. *child’s pose 😴😴😴  I’m a total adrenalin junkie. When I don’t run I still prefer my workouts to be intense. But that shouldn’t keep me from trying out new things (this is the part when I try to talk myself into doing more stretching ang yoga).

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Froggers can be a pain in the butt.. I mean shoulders 😉

Modified Froggers Move # 2

As I mentioned in my previous post I love the NTC application. You can workout anytime, anywhere, using only your own bodyweight. Nike always comes up with different challenges to keep you moving and motivated. I tend to skip cross training even though I know how important it is! I wanna be stronger, faster and a more balanced athlete overall. Running is very important to me (probably you guessed that already) so when the sweat is dripping from my forehead and my legs feel like jello I remind myself that these exercises will make me a better runner! Also, the abs I’m gaining during my side planks will look great on me 😉 The app also sends you bad ass pictures of super fit girls to motivate you. It defiantly has an effect on me. It makes me wanna workout even harder and I also wanna go and buy every piece of workout clothes Nike can offer. Gotta give it to them, they know how to do their marketing.


Nothing great will ever happen in your comfort zone!

There’s a filter which you can apply to your picture once you completed the workout. No cheating! Have to earn your filter!


Hello there, drop squats!

Don’t judge me for falling asleep during my drop squats (see below). Who doesn’t take short naps during a HIT workout?

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Drop it like it’s hot *Snoop voice

Moral of the story is: Please, please PLEASEEEE NEVER SKIP YOUR WORKOUTS! If your support system (looking at you Husband) flakes, you should still go along with the plan. The only workout you will ever regret is the one you didn’t do. So go, get after it peeps! You can thank me later for my wise advice 😉

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The list of the workouts I conquered.

Does it effect you badly when someone cancels on the workout you planned to do together? Will you still go to the gym or the park by yourself? 


I’m wearing Nike Women gear.


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