Weekend filled with workouts, London Marathon and family..

Over the weekend we visited my in-laws. They live in a small town called Ordacsehi, located between Fonyod and Balatonboglar close to Lake Balaton about 150 kilometers/ 95 miles from Budapest. We decided on Thursday that we would surprise them, so we can call this a last minute idea. Saturday morning we had our weekly long run scheduled with my running group, Budapest Running Project . We ran 17k / 10.5miles, rushed home showered, picked up our bags and speed walked to the subway and prayed that we would catch the train.

Snapchat it or it didn’t happen!

We got to the railway station just on time with 3 minutes to spare (what we used to buy some pastries 🙄 Thank God for running!). Only two hours later we arrived to our destination. Needless to say how much excitment we caused for my in-laws. They were beyond happy to have us for the weekend 🙂. When I was growing up I visited Lake Balaton every year with my family but never thought anything particular of it. Up untill I started going there as an adult. It is trully a beautiful place. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Weather was strormy and extremely windy but it didn’t really bother us. It just made it even prettier in my opinion.


Did someone say cloud porn?

After we got there we had a nice homemade lunch prepared by my mother-in-law (Once you try her cooking, you will be sure that Heaven exists) then went for a short walk. It is a tiny town with a population of 800 people. Everyone knows eachother and the big happening on the street is when they see an out-of-towner. I personally enjoy the quiet time very much and find it relaxing.

Colors on point!

Fun fact: Hungarians have a weird obsession with icecream. Especially on the weekends. Icecream  can be the center piece of the whole afternoon activity basically (Can you blame us? Who doesn’t love ICECREAM?) It’s funny that I only noticed this recently when we moved back from New York.( Read my post here! ) There isn’t a store anywhere close, but there’s a guy who drives a small pick up truck what comes to the area every day in the late afternoon hours and sells the ice-cream from the back of the car. Talking about patience.. There’s no whining “I want my ice-cream NOW” You wait until you hear the music of the icecream car 🙂

🍦Naturally we had to have some.

Since we lived abroad for so many years it is a blessing for me to spend quaility time with family  and explore my own country. I find beauty in every little detail these days.

Totally obsessed with the brick wall.

My in-laws have no pets but their neighbor’s dog is absolutely in love with them so she runs to their back yard whenever she can escape from her owner.


Fluff ball aka Sziszi.

We started our Sunday by watching the London Marathon. It was so freaking inspiring, totally felt like I was growing wings just by watching these super fast athletes. Elide Kipchoge took first place running the second fastest marathon time ever, just missing the WR by 8 seconds. The same guy ran a 2’04 marathon in Berlin last year with the insoles of his shoes sliding out of his shoes . Unbelievable effort! From the women Jemima Sumgong finished first despite falling and hitting her head really badly during the race. You can achieve the impossible if you believe in yourself. Her will is beyond me.

FullSizeRender 2

Yes, I take pictures of the screen of the TV. I’m a nerd.

Enough of the marathon talk.. well, I could talk about it for a very long time but I’m not here to put you to sleep! Speaking of sleep, I was pretty close to taking a nap during the afternoon but I decided to workout instead. And boy, was I glad that I did. Started with a few minutes of running to warm up my body.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Guess my favorite color.

Once I felt comfortable, I chose two different sessions from the NTC app; Quick HIT and Core Stability.


Elevated alternating transverse lunge (easier than it sounds)


Squat crossover lateral step up to hop. (THE WHAT?LOL)

Obviously I felt like a bad ass warrior after my sweat fix 😉 When I finished the family decided to go for a walk and take in some more of the beauty what the small town can offer. Overall we had a lovely weekend, bringing joy to your family is always well worth it!


No wonder why this is my father-in-law’s fav spot of the town.

Monday morning we took an early train back to Budapest. As much as I enjoyed our quiet weekend I was excited to come home and start working again. Monday’s are the new Fridays 😉


Love what you do!

New week, clean slate. Let’s create magic!

How did you spend your weekend? Who else watched the London Marathon and what did you think of the race?

Notice my bag tag. That’s from the time Nike took me on an epic trip to Chicago . More on that later.

For my workouts I’m wearing Nike Pro , Nike Running and Nike Sportswear gear.