V60 in baby steps..

Recently we became a huge fan of freshly brewed coffee. (*correction: My husband has been a fan for a long time. Back in New York he fell in love with it, thanks to Astoria Coffee.) We’ve been exploring the cafe scene of Budapest and talked to many baristas about various ways of making coffees. My husband got really curious about brewing his own batch of coffee at home and he started to do some research online, watched many youtube videos and found a barista store in Budapest. He planned it all, I just gave him company for the windiest bike ride to the store.


Barista store from outside.

The girl who works there was well informed and helped us pick out everything we were looking for. She gave us some nice recommendations on beans and explained the differences between drippers. One of the Hario ones were on sale so we decided to go budget friendly and try that one.


Colorful steamers

They sell everything what you could possibly need, and it’s a great place to hangout if you are a coffee addict who likes to geek out by looking at cups, steamers, tampers etc.. They also sell little coffee themed jewelleries.


So pretty!

The scale we bought came from a different store which we regretted after all. We thought that we knew better and tried to save some money on it. Well, this specific scale shuts down if you don’t touch its screen for a minute so now whenever we use it we have to pay close attention to it otherwise the whole brewing process will be ruined. We tried to return it but Hungarians don’t buy your bullshit when you try to feed them with lies like “it’s not working well”. In Hungary you can’t return things just because you dont’t like them anymore or you changed your mind. Once you buy something you are most likely stuck with it forever. The sales lady spent 15 minutes with my husband convincing him to keep the scale- or it was more of him begging her to take it back. We got spoiled in America where you can return anything and they will take it back no questions asked. Okay, enough for the rant! 🙂 As for the grinder, my husband’s grandfather gifted us his old school coffee bean grinder.

Once we had all the details sorted out we rushed home and excitedly started brewing our very first batch.


Measuring the beans


The old school grinder doing its job perfectly.

Thank you grandpa for saving us big bucks! 🙂


Ready to start pouring.

Hmmm.. fresh coffee smells beyond great!


Like a pro.. well he’s trying at least!


About get hyper AF.

Our super cute cups are from Kyoto. We got them a few years ago and they are the perfect size for our coffees now. We did a pretty great job with our first try. If you are into brewed coffee, I would defiantly recommend you to get the whole set and make your own at home. Takes about 7-8 minutes to get a fresh cup and it well worth your time.

The other day we invited my hubby’s grandfather over since we talked so much about our new set and wanted to share our passion with him. We also had to make sure that he knows that his grinder is in good hands now. He came over to our apartment and we gave him the whole run down. He DID NOT GET THE HYPE.. but he enjoyed his cup of black coffee while sharing old memories and stories with us.


“But why would you wanna wait 8 minutes for a cup of coffee?”

Is there anything better than having a great conversation while sipping on a nice cup of coffee? (maybe a run before the coffee.. but that could be just my opinion 😉 )  On the other hand, as much as I’m into new trends I have to admit that some days when you want some comfort nothing will beat grandfather’s moka express. Especially when the coffee is prepared by a 80 year old in a 50+ years old coffee maker. So I hear ya’ grandpa and I’ll still be a regular at your kitchen 🙂



What are your thoughts on brewed coffee? Are you into it or you enjoy more a milky coffee? Would you wake up earlier and wait 8+ minutes for a cup?