Who else is up for a challenge?..

I had some great workouts this week but I can’t help but feel somewhat iffy about my routine these days. A couple of days ago I started thinking about how far I’ve come in my fitness journey and where I’m headed. I feel like I’m in need of a great challenge, something big and scary. Don’t get me wrong, I know that I’m already putting myself out there a lot but I crave for more. In December and January I did the #3for62 challenge where I ran every single day for two months at least 3 miles (5k) a day. I ended up running 297 miles/ 478 km, a daily average of 4.8 miles/ 7.7 km, with an average pace of 8:15/ mile 5:10/km. I was tired, I was hurt but most importantly I was proud for not flaking out on myself. We had a 2 week long vacation in the middle of my challenge what meant that some days I woke up 6 am to complete my daily run then fly 20+ hours, land in the new location and go for a run to beat the sun.

IMG_4329 (1).jpg

Ho Chi Mihn city 10k, freshly landed

I only missed one day because of time zones. I literally skipped a whole day when flew to Vietnam. I couldn’t do anything about it but I was still bummed that I missed one workout. On addition to running I also took on a NTC 30-day challenge put together by Nike Women. If I didn’t participate in it I would have had the biggest FOMO and I also like pain a lot so, yes SIGN ME UP. When I commit to something then I do it whole heartedly. I stay true to myself. You have to understand that you are reading a crazy person’s blog who runs 15 miles / 25 kilometers just out of fun on a random Saturday. So when I say that I need a challenge, I MEAN IT! And I will stick to it like it’s my job.


It was partly his challenge too since I forced him to give me company most of the days.

There’s a new NTC challenge which I started about a week ago, but it’s very light giving me only  3-4 shorter workouts every week. They are not very hard sessions but I still like them because it makes me try out new workouts what I would have otherwise ignored such as barre strength. It’s ballet influenced as far as I can tell, many small movements but I could feel the fat burning and I was activating different muscles what I’m used to. It is also requires balance and coordination which I will benefit from in running. I really didn’t want to do this exercise, not sure why but I had my excuses: I’ve never done barre before, thought that it won’t be intense enough for me..etc. But once I started it I actually enjoyed it a lot. I found myself smiling the whole time, it just made me really happy. I realized how hard it is to get out of my comfort zone and try something very different but it is worth it in the end. Three days later and I’m still talking about it so I’d say confidently that I’ll go back to do it over and over again.


Plie Releve combo.. (no idea what it means but this was my fav position)

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Plank leg circle *OUCH

One of my goal is to add more cross training to my schedule but I’m looking for something more too. I’m searching for that ass kicking excitement. I’ve been fighting hard for a 200 mile month (321km) but I still haven’t reached that number yet. So that might be the perfect challenge for next month. In April I ran 155 miles / 250km so what’s an extra 40 miles?! 😉

When was the last time that you did something new for the first time? How should I challenge myself and would any of you wanna join me? 

I’m wearing Nike Women and Nike Running .