10 easy ways to improve your running..

I could talk about this for days but for now I will let you off the hook with this short list ;).

Number one rule is to be consistent! If you wanna improve, you have to show up for yourself. Some days you might not feel like running, but always remember why you started. You are stronger than your excuses. Stay on it. Missing days will just set you back and it will be harder to start again. Show your body who’s the boss!
Give yourself self high fives when reaching new heights in your running. Did you run further than ever before? Did you PR during a race? Did you pushed yourself harder than what felt comfortable? Well done! Be proud of yourself and know that you are a bad ass warrior! Share with your social media followers. Motivate others with your hard work!
my fastest mile

The night when I ran my fastest mile. (1mile = 1.6km) 6.4km with 4:20/km My current PR for the distance!


Don’t forget to enjoy your running journey. Once in a while explore new routes, or join a running group and make new running buddies, stop and take pictures.. you can do whatever what will make your run more pleasant. Sometimes it’s okay not to worry about pace or races. Go back to the roots, play like a child, stop being too hard on yourself.


Running buddies! We speak the same language.

Super important and I’m guilty of not doing it more often. As runners often we just wanna be running all the time, that’s what we are familiar with and that’s what feels comfortable. But to be a more efficient runner we need a strong upper body and a stone hard core. When race day comes and you are running on empty, those planks and burpees will pay off. Having a strong body all around will help you keep going when all you wanna do is stop and collapse.

Having a correct form while running will lower your chances for injuries. This post comes from a someone who was never an athletic person when growing up and only started running at age 27 but I learned many things in the past 3 years. I’m no Usain Bolt when sprinting down my last 100 meter of a run but I always try to remember little tricks to improve my running form. I watch the Kenyan elites and their perfect forefoot landings (which we can all learn by the way) in awe but for now I’m a hill striker and I have pain here and there all the freaking time. Here is my check list when I have hard time during a run: Relax my shoulders, look ahead (by looking down your chest will collapse aka you will run slower), stay upright, proud chest, shake out my arms, get my breath under control, lift my knees (especially when running hills), don’t swing my body one side to the other (it will burn up precious energy) and USE MY ARMS (they will propel you forward! Works like a charm).

hit&run nyc.jpg

Coach Julia yelling out the TRUTH! “You have arms!”

Invest in a runner’s watch (might as well in a triathlon watch, you never know) or download an app that will help you record time and distance. Information is power and looking back on your journey will give you confidence.. or a kick in the butt. Either way, you need those numbers to improve. Seeing your results clear will help you understand where you are coming from and where you are headed. You can also keep a journal and after each run write down what you did and how it felt like. Get to know your body!

Never not running!


Respect your runs! You wouldn’t show up in your PJ’s at work (unless you are in a mental state of Britney 2007). Always dress appropriately for your workouts. Investing in comfortable gear is essential. If you aren’t feeling great in your workout clothes, chances are that you won’t perform well. Looking cute on your pictures won’t hurt either. 😉


Workout gear makes me happy.

What are you training for? I’m not that much into racing and you don’t necessarily need a big race to set the bar high either. I’m always looking for challenges and I have high expectations with myself. I am my biggest competition and I wanna beat my yesterday’s self. What is it that keeps you going? Speed? Distance? A new PR? Getting out of the door more often? Whatever your goal might be you need to commit to it. Write it down, visualize it, see it every damn day, carve it in your mind!
Treat them as you’d treat an important conference call at work- except you won’t get paid for it. You wouldn’t  miss a meeting with your boss or a fun lunch with your girlfriends. If you have a hard time staying committed, having your workouts added to your calendar will definitely help you stay on the right path.
Get out there in any kind of weather. Especially if you are training for a specific race. You never know what mother nature will throw at you on race day so you have to be ready. Mentally and physically as well. Plus, running in rain or 90% humidity will make you a 100 times more badass athlete and it will sharpen you.


FullSizeRender 7.jpg

Pouring rain. Yes, wet socks suck but not running sucks more!

What do you think of these tips? Do you have anything to add? Share your tricks with me!