Sydney in my running shoes.

I thought I would share a great moment from my running adventures. I’m going all the way back to January when I took on a big challenge and ran every day for two months. When I was in the middle of this whole running strike, my husband and I travelled around the world for 3 weeks from New York to Budapest to Vietnam and Australia. As I mentioned in my previous post it is totally okay to celebrate every little improvement in your running or fitness journey. Documenting my progress and looking back on it gives me strength and helps me with motivation. On my harder days, it is great to remember that I can be stronger and better. I can push myself harder if I get my head right.

The day we landed in Sydney (after flying for the whole night) we laced up our running shoes and went on a running tour. We had no plans just followed our curiosity. Considering that we were delusional from jet lag we ran for a long time. Sweat gives me life and I live for those totally exhausted moments so I went to bed happy that night.


What jet lag?

Taking on a brand new city on foot will help you connect with the locals and will give you experiences what you would never get by taking the double decker tourist bus. Plus, let’s not forget about those sexy runner’s legs!


Freshly landed 15k


Selfie earned

The next day we came up with the a genius idea of running to Bondi beach. Which was 10+ kilometers away from our hotel. It would have been all fine but we totally underestimated the heat of the Australian summer and it got the best of us. We smartly (NOT) timed our departure time for around 11am and ran trough the deserted streets of Sydney in the mid day hours. We got many confused looks by locals. Australians are very much aware of the danger of the sun but the two arrogant tourists acted like they knew better. By half way we were just running quietly trying to enjoy the run but I was dying inside every time I saw another hill coming up on our way. We survived so I guess you can call that a success 😉


The moment when I could’t see from own sweat.

After the journey what felt like an eternity we rewarded ourself with some Aussie waves. *that’s a lie. I’m terrified of the ocean but I had a great time watching my husband play like a kid in the water.


Then I made my husband climbed up some rocks to get this shot.

Since I had to run every day due to my #3for62 challenge the next day we took on a somewhat easier route. Finally I can say that we got a break since we ran after it rained. It was humid but at least it was a little bit cooler.



I’m so very grateful for running. We are lucky to experience cities in a unique way and having these bucket list kind of runs will stick with us forever. I was going trough the pictures I took in Sydney and on most of them I’m wearing my running gear, my bathing suite or the combination of the two.


Enjoying a flat white post run

Just for future references, Sydney is a hilly city so if you are ever thinking about running a race there, take the elevation into consideration.

What are some of your running stories what you are proud of? Do you ever use them to motivate yourself?