Why NOT running sucks..

Recap on my week of (not) training.

There’s a Nike shirt with a logo on it that goes “Not Running Sucks”.. and indeed it sucks! I managed to overtrain (what else is new?) and came down with a minor injury. Not exactly sure what I did wrong, besides ignoring the pain for weeks. I can blame only myself for this and I’m very well aware of it. I know that many of us don’t take it seriously enough to schedule proper rest days until something serious happens. I won’t be preaching here about how we should all take care of our bodies. Because we already know that.. However I’m very guilty of not doing it so. I take my able body for granted and I push it beyond its liking many times. I’m not proud of this. Our bodies can only take so much and my legs are punishing me now for not letting them rest when they were screaming for it. Normally nothing can stop me and I would go training and running in pain for weeks, ignoring that my body is clearly giving me signs that it needs help. Last Saturday I had a miserable longish run where I had to stop (yes, stop *smh…) multiple times and I was very much frustrated with myself. I was tired and I was not paying attention to my form, I was in a complete “shut out the world, let me survive this run” mode. My flat feet are giving me many problems anyways and since I lost my (somewhat) good running form while struggling last week, I might have pulled something or put more weight to my bad ankle. When I stopped I didn’t feel anything strange besides being disappointed with my effort. I came home and still everything felt fine until later that day. All of a sudden I started limping and lost power in my right ankle. The next day it got worse so I rested but on Monday I decided to go for a run. Bad idea? Absolutely! I was not even close to healed but my stubborn runner’s head pushed me out the door.


When I should have rested..

I had “Never Skip Mondays” Run scheduled with my run group Budapest Running Project  and we had an awesome time climbing some hills together. I managed to push trough the run but once we stopped I knew that I did more damage to my already weak leg. The next 3 days were straight resting. No training, no running only light biking. Friday mornings we always meet with BRP for an early morning run and despite my better judgment I didn’t cancel the run. I woke up today determine that I would RUN with the group but my legs thought otherwise. I was hopeful until the very last minute. Never give up, right? I grabbed my bike and rode it side my side with the runners. It broke my heart that I couldn’t be on my feet running with them. Hearing their footsteps made me happy and sad at the same time. I’m grateful that at least I can still bike but it doesn’t give me that sweaty satisfaction what I crave.. Nothing can replace running! Maybe I sound dramatic or it seems like I’m whining over something very small but it is a big deal for me.


Injured runner will jump on her bike and take bad ass pictures of her teammates

Tomorrow is long run and I already know that I won’t be lacing up. However, some of the runners said that they would still be interested in taking the route I planned. I offered that I would crew for them and carry water, glu and music on my bike. Possibly yell out motivational / obnoxious quotes during the course. 😉 I feel surprisingly okay with my situation right now. I know that I can only blame myself for this and I’m just hoping for a quick recovery! Maybe I should be thankful for my body for shutting down before something major happened. Thank you legs for always carry me trough hard runs.  Just please, heal quickly because NOT RUNNING SUCKS!


#BudapestBikingProject ?

Tell me about your training and how you stay balanced between running and resting. Oh, and feel free to give me a hard time for not listening to my body.. 🙂 


Probably daydreaming about running.. LOL


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