Today I managed to run two miles.. and I’m really excited about it! Why? Because I didn’t run for a week and as we all know it, NOT running sucks.. Couple of Fridays ago I could feel my right foot acting up but as a very wise runner would do, I went out and ran ten miles the very next day *major eye roll. For some reason I thought that would be a great idea. Once I got home and cooled down I could barely stand up and walk without limping. I generously gave my body three days to rest up then I kept running *keep rolling those eyes at myself. My legs must have thought at this point how amazingly nice of me to let them rest for 72 hours! My job also requires me to be on my feet for hours so my foot was not healing. For obvious reasons my right foot just got worst. After last week I decided or more like my body decided for me to pull me out of the running game for a whole week. I went on walks, biked by my hubby’s side while he was running (it was more like a chase.. that kid is fast) and I worked on my core and arms. I missed running so much and as you can probably tell I’m not a patient person so I couldn’t wait to test out my legs tonight. A short run can’t hurt you that bad, right? It felt so great to run, all that energy just wanted to escape but I had to hold back which I’m usually really bad at. I have to be very careful or I might end up with something more serious. In my everyday life I’m a very realistic person but when it comes to resting I make up bulls*** excuses so I can go and exercise. I refuse to believe that my body wouldn’t cooperate.


Earlier this week on the trails.

When you are healthy you don’t think about all those tiny bones that make up your feet and how screwed you are when one of them decides to go on vacation and not function as it suppose to. Anyhoo, I could go on with my rant for hours but I will just suck it up. My body is obviously trying to teach me a lesson about the importance of being patient. I’m learning to appreciate the little things. Like my two sexy miles this afternoon.


Thank you legs!


It’s funny how running changed me. I’m not sure who I was before I discovered the joy of running. I love this me. Running elevates me. I’m so attached to running that I’m not sure what to do with myself when I’m not able to run as freely as I want to.


The magic hour. Literally.. because running 🙂

I finished up my run with some stairs and five minutes of planking with ten seconds of recovery after each minute.


Let it burn!


Two miles are better than no miles.

In my head I’m already planning my run for tomorrow (I’m a total nut) even though I know it well enough that I shouldn’t be running. Please yell at me if you see me cheating 🙂

Who else can relate to my stubbornness? Do you ever risk an injury and keep pushing yourself?

I’m wearing @nikerunning  @adidasrunning and @garminfitness . FYI those running shorts are EVERYTHING!