Bring some clarity to yourself!

Do you ever talk about yourself in the third person? Sometimes I do as a joke but I’ve never dedicated three pages of my journal to it.. until a few nights ago. First of all I haven’t wrote anything down since we moved to Los Angeles from Budapest. I wasn’t sure why until I finally opened up my journal a few nights ago. I stared at the blank page and all of a sudden I just started writing and didn’t stop until three pages were full. Strangely I was writing about myself in the third person. It may sound ridiculous but honestly I’d recommend this for everyone to try. Things came up naturally. I realized that you are much more wiser when you are giving out advices to a friend or another person. When it comes to our lives we tend to hold back. We are much more scared to face our opinions about our lives than someone’s else. I needed to write those things down and seeing my feelings on paper felt good. The reason behind me not using my journal on a daily basis once we left Budapest is easy. I felt like this notebook belonged to a different me.. the one I left in Budapest. The person who’s here now is somewhat a different person. I just have to embrace this me and give myself some self love. I was on track with journaling and blogging back in Budapest and I loved that me. Why did I stop? I was removed from my daily routine and when we got to LA I started focusing on different things. Big mistake. Never put yourself on the back seat.


Thoughts with a view.

Just a day later I read about this “think of yourself in the third person” theory in @gretchenrubin ‘s book. That confirmed my thoughts on this subject and it felt comforting to know that I’m not the only one. I highly recommend this for you to try (caution: crazy feelings might emerge from nowhere). It helped me to bring clarity to a few questions I’ve been dealing with.

This is my #MondayMotivation. What’s yours?