Own Your Journey

What is your reason for working out? Someone asked me a few days ago how I stay committed. My immediate reaction was to tell him not to start exercising for the wrong reason. But then it got me thinking.. what makes a reason good or bad?!

I can’t tell you how to stay committed. You have to know your purpose. You are the one who will set goals for yourself. My goal can’t be your goal and vice versa. But I can tell you that if you listening carefully you’ll find answers in the movement. This is more than just what’s on the outside, this is a lifestyle. Once you find motivation within yourself nothing will be stopping you, I promise you. But you cannot force yourself to do something that you hate because someone else might get a blast out of it. Try different things and see what works for you. Just because your girlfriend enjoys yoga or spinning that won’t you make a yogi or a spin addict. Just embrace the type of athlete that you are. I tried so many classes but nothing came close to running on the joy scale for me. I told myself  hundreds of times how great it would be to add yoga to my training because that will help my balance and I’d actually stretch out my tight muscles. But I just couldn’t do it. Everytime I dragged my lazy ass to yoga I felt great and motivated but of course I didn’t go a second time because truth is that I just rather be running. I had to accept the fact that I’m not someone who finds her answers on the mat. I’m more like a pavement girl and that’s okay.


I find motivation in other people’s stories but I never try to compete with them. My only competition is myself and the fact that I wanna outdo myself every single day. Every time I decide to lace up (insert anything that applies to you) I’m creating a stronger and smarter me. If you are trying to be someone else, you’ll loose focus on your own goals and become discouraged. I wish I could run 10 miles each day but that’s not me (yet). I use that as my inspiration to push myself to my own best. Wanna be able to do 10-20-50-100 pushups?  Start with 5 and build up, just #OwnIt ! You are not here to please anyone else but yourself.


Sweat is magic. I always say this, probably saw on someone’s Instagram and now use it as my own but that’s not the point. Sweat is magic and it’s so true. I’m finding my journey, my path, my purpose one run at a time and I can only wish to everyone out there the same. Nothing makes me happier and prouder than seeing other people realizing their power and strength. There’s much more on the other side of sick packs. Dig deep and stick to it even when it’s hard or inconvenient. The magic will be waiting for you at the end of your workouts.

Thank you Jar of Quotes and Paper Love Boutique for the images.