One coffee at a time part 2..

As promised I keep exploring the specialty cafes in Budapest .. Let’s talk about a few more of my favorite spots.

One of the first places I visited when moving back to Budapest was Pazar Caffe. It’s located just a couple of blocks from the Parliament building in Akademia street. It’s a corner store with a very limited space but there’s a big window which opens up the room so you won’t feel trapped inside too much. It has a galley with a few additional seatings. You won’t wanna be sitting indoors anyways since one of the highlights of this place is their outdoor benches and high chairs where you can admire some gorgeous views to the Buda hills and the Parliament. Pazar has a very retro feel to it with all kind of random subjects placed around the cafe.


Beautiful government building in the background


Comfy outdoor seatings

Their lattes and flat whites didn’t have a creamy texture as they were watered down. It was somewhat disappointing considering their prices but the friendly service and comfy pillows made up for it. They also offer sandwiches and pastries and a big selection of paleo cookies. My sister and I tried the coconut ones and they were very delicious.


Stamped ‘to go’ cups.

FullSizeRender 6.jpg

Coffee and healthy snacks? Yes, please!

Overall, I would defiantly recommend Pazar if you are in the neighborhood and crave a quite spot to catch up on your thoughts and sip on a cup of coffee. The next place what I wanted to write about is MesterBike. I was planning to pay them a visit for a long time but I never really go to that area of the city unfortunately so I had to make an effort to bike all the way out there (5 k distance is ALL the way out there in Budapest measures) You don’t necessarily bike 3 miles just to grab a coffee but I knew that this spot will be worth it. And boy, was I right. I love the concept behind it. Long story short: They started out as a bike service/store then one day they woke up and realized that they LOVE coffee just as much as bikes so they moved (I believe) to a new location just down the block and built a new place bringing their two passions together. I’m all about supporting people with big dreams and somewhat strange ideas.



Customer service in general are very  attentive in Hungary but the barista behind the counter here was up and beyond the standard. A nice smile and friendly tone will put you in a good mood right away. Honestly I don’t really remember anything else from this place but her and how nice she was. Which we can definitely call a success 🙂 I will be back for sure! One thing I was looking forward to and missed is their bike shaped cookies what they usually offer as a side treat by your coffee. I saw them on a lot of pictures that people posted on social media so hopefully they were just out of it the day I was there and I will have a chance to try them the next time. It’s a very thoughtful (and cute) touch. MesterBike is located in Mester street and easily accessible by the 4/5 tram.. but why would you take the tram when you can bike! 🙂


Cappuccinos at MesterBike


I live for tiny benches.

Double Shot is just a few minutes walk from my house and we recently discovered them. It is a whole in the wall kind of place where you basically walk into the bar when entering the cafe. But no worries at all if you wanna sit and enjoy your “always double never trouble” espresso they offer plenty of seatings upstairs. The stairs which take you up to the gallery are very steep so when I saw the girl running up and down them with a tray I was very much impressed. And this is coming from a server who carried trays for a living for 12 years. They don’t just use a regular tray (that wouldn’t be hipster enough) they use a wooden box which I found very cool.

FullSizeRender 2

Upstairs seating area


Upstairs seating area

We had their v60 both of the times when we were there and it was deliciously prepared. I did not catch any bad vibes from neither of their baristas, they were welcoming and helpful. Addition to the coffee they also offer sandwiches and the usual pastry selection. Double Shot is located on the beautiful Pozsonyi ut which is my favorite street in the area. I love to stroll up and down on it checking out all the cute little restaurants and cafes.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Presentation of their brewed coffee.

If you share my passion for coffee make sure that you support these local places 🙂 Share your thoughts on them with me and let’s keep discovering.. one coffee at a time!

*please note that I wrote this post six months ago when we still lived in Budapest. I’m not sure why I didn’t post it back then but better late than never 🙂