Run Commute

Hey my beautiful peeps.. it’s been a while once again. Clearly I’m having a hard time staying focused when it comes to my blog. Creating makes me happy so I’m wondering why am I such a flake when it comes to writing?!

My most inspiring ideas and thoughts are usually come to me while I’m on my run or sometimes post run. It’s been raining a lot in LA recently -which is great, it was very much needed- but it’s kind of sad how soft I’ve gotten since we moved to the west coast from the east coast. In New York I laced up no matter what the weather was like. Today I had a hard time talking myself into running home since it was raining the whole day. I can’t believe that a few drops scared me, what a cry  baby  boohoo 😀 I was keep searching the sky for signs of rays of sunshine. Nope.. they were nowhere to be found. Eventually I got over my excuses and when I was done with my shift, I clocked out quickly, changed, stepped outside ( fresh air yay) and started my Garmin. By the way who else is obsessed with the beep what your watch makes when starting a run? It’s kind of addictive. Okay, back to my story I was lucky because my first couple of miles were actually dry and the sun found it’s way through the clouds for a few minutes. I  was keep looking up and admiring the sky and the sunset. I couldn’t help but smile while having a full on conversation with myself “Aren’t you glad that you didn’t miss out on these moments?” Collecting memories while running is one of my favorite things. It did start raining again and I got soaked but that’s totally fine. I felt free and also surprised myself by running at a decent pace. Three out of the five miles were sub 8 and if you ever ran from downtown to Silverlake then you are familiar with the rolling hills on Sunset. So I’m most grateful for my legs ( and lungs ) for cooperating with me 🙂


Screenshot of my Instagram story. Pardon the quality.

So here’s a few of the benefits of run commute:

1, You have to get from A to B. Might as well use that time to get your miles in!

2, Tired from work? Sitting or standing (hello there my fellow restaurant workers) for hours? I guarantee you that your heavy legs will thank you for moving them.

3, Sometimes your legs are faster than Uber. Plus running is free.

4, You will arrive home fresh and full with runner’s high, you’ll have much more energy to do some cooking or cleaning up.

5, You might end up high-fiving a little girl while she tells her mother “Mama she is running so fierce” *true story


DTLA to Silverlake

Just remember that you are stronger than your excuses.. and NOT RUNNING SUCKS so do whatever it’s necessary to shut up that evil little voice in your head. Chances are that you will have your best workouts when you the least except it.



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