Love letter to the runners.

I’m back in my hometown. If you’ve been following my journey, you know that I was in Los Angeles for the past eight months. Sometimes you have to go to the other side of the world to realize that you were at the right place to begin with. The best part about moving so much is that you come to the realization that the world is very small and that you become less dramatic about packing up all your belongings (three suitcases and a couple of bicycles) and jump on an airplane because if you change your mind you just pack up again.. and jump on an airplane again :D. People ask me “So this is it? Are you guys staying forever?” Maybe.. hopefully (?). maybe not. We’ll go with the flow. Life has it’s ways to show you directions, you just have to listen, then response.

But here’s the real purpose of this post. I told you about the run group I started last year here. When we packed up our bags last August to move to California probably the most painful thing was saying goodbye to all of our new friends who we met through the Budapest Running Project. We didn’t know if we’d come back anytime soon to Budapest but I knew that the Project had to be kept safe. It was / is my baby and I had a very difficult time letting it go. Thankfully I didn’t have to. Two running angels came along and took on the pacing / organizing duties of the BRP. Zsofi and Viki understood my message and most importantly they share my passion for running and this run group.


(badass) angels undercover in running shoes.

I did not doubt for a second that they had the best intentions for this group and its runners. I was most of the time just starting my day in Los Angeles when they sent me the pictures from the evening run ( Budapest is nine hours ahead of LA). They kept saying that they just keep it going until I’m back. I’m back now but I’m not here to claim back the Budapest Running Project from them. This is about much more, they helped me grow and keep this community together which I’m forever thankful for.


Thank you runners for keep showing up and supporting BRP.


Captured during one of the 7am runs.

Here’s to the summer and many many k’s to be ran together! BECAUSE WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER!

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