Relationship with ‘hills’: Complicated.

Here’s my theory on my quick recovery from the ankle injury last year. Right about the time I was starting to feel better we moved to Los Angeles where I was faced with hills on hills on hills from day one. You might not picture LA a hilly city and you are right because most of it is flat as a pancake but our neighborhood was a rolling hill heaven. I was part excited for this new challenge, part nervous. But life went on and I kept lacing up everyday and gained strength to climb those “evil” inclines. I realized pretty fast that my body can adjust to about anything. Not exactly sure how but my ankle was 100% within days. I could swear that the hills healed me since I wasn’t pounding on my legs that intensely as I was in flat Budapest. And I guess you could also call this post: ‘Love letter to the rolling hills of Silver Lake’ 😉 .


Healed by hills and dirt.

What’s my point here? Don’t fear the hills. Period. (I still do btw #confessionsofarunner). They helped me become a healthy, stronger and faster (!) runner so now that I’m back in Budapest where my daily runs show 70 feet / 20 m elevation versus average of 600 feet / 200 m I’m having flashbacks to my injury and I fear that injury myself again. Nothing was hurting for the past eight months (except my quads for burning fat AF). Yeah sure I could stop complaining and just climb the Buda hills five times a day but trust me it’s more easier when those hills are literally at your doorstep 😀 That’s how you throw your excuses out the window and just go for it.


Micheltorena street stairs, one of the hidden stairs of Silver Lake aka quickest way to my apartment.

So here’s the deal. I need some motivation and ass kicking here. Who’s up for the challenge and meet me once a week for some trail or hill running?! You can totally join me via social media as well. I guarantee you that those workouts will:

1, make you wanna cry.

2, help you become a freaking warrior.


Running up on that hill like “fake it til you make it”.

And remember, it will never get easier you just become stronger. So I can keep preaching about this or we can lace up and become a hero squad together. Feel free to hit me up on the ‘gram @beansandmiles. See you out there 🙂 .

*Wearing @nikerunning all day everyday (at least I wish).


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