Recap on week twenty.

It’s Sunday and the last workout is completed for the week. I love the end of the week because that means that tomorrow is Monday and Monday means fresh week aka endless possibilities. I’m closing this week with 75.4 km / 46.8 miles with an average pace of totally awesome. If you are a data freak like myself, go ahead and follow me on Strava.

I started the week with a very strong 10k. My watch stopped half a mile, about one kilometer from my house but more or less I ran it in 48 minutes which is well under my official PR. I’m curious what I could do these days without having to stop for lights. On Tuesday I ran a little bit over 15 miles / 25 km. Part of this run was ran with a run group called Run Together. They meet once or twice a week for a very social, easy run. This week they invited Krisztina Papp, Olympic athlete (since we were speaking about 10k’s, her PR is 32:55 NBD) and me as a total run-nerd just had to be there. I got to chat with her and annoy her with my questions 🙂 . Needless to say that I was in a total girl crush haze for the entire run.


Kriszti and a few of the Budapest Running Project runners.

On Wednesday we ran with Budapest Running Project. It’s always a fun time running with the group. We never fail to encourage and support each other. To be honest I was tired and I had a hard time finding the energy to lace up but once we started running with the crew my pace picked up and I found myself in great mood instantly.


Part of the Wednesday crew.

Thursday ended up being an unexpected rest day.. life happens. You just gotta roll with it.   Then came FriYay morning miles which I was super excited about until I wasn’t anymore. A mile into my run I knew that it’s gonna be a hard one but hey, without the tough ones we wouldn’t appreciate the good ones, amiright?! Still managed a pretty fast 10k.


Faking that half dead smile.

Saturday was a short and easy(ish) run, just one of those ‘you gotta get it done for the milage’ runs. I made a mistake to head out pretty late. Mid afternoon in the city center is a total shit show. I was skipping tourists and pushing against headwind for the entire run.


Saturday in miles. (8.1 km @ 4:50 average)

And here we are, Sunday runday 🙂 . Hubby had a brick sessions scheduled so I ran solo. As much as I love running with other people I just as much enjoy ‘me time’. I become the most competitive when I run by myself. No matter what I plan ahead it usually goes down the drain within the first ten minutes of the run. When it’s just me against me I have no one else so to blame if I fall short. And I obviously cannot let myself down. So I dig deep and no matter what, I finish strong.


Pavement is BAE.

It’s time to reflect on your week of training and give yourself a well deserved self high five for all your efforts. Let’s make next week an even better one. Share your workouts, plans, dreams with me on the ‘Gram by tagging  @beansandmiles . We are #StrongerTogether!

ps: Thank you for all the super heroes running UltraBalaton* this weekend. Your braveness definitely helped me fighting my own demons (and that freaking headwind LOL). Special shout out to my husband who never stops to amaze me with his gutsy workouts. He’s training for his first IM 70.3. He inspires and pushes me to be the best I can be every single day. 

*UltraBalaton is a 220km relay / individual race around Lake Balaton.