The beginning of something ah-mazing.

Bringing my vision into life one run group at a time.. 😀 JK, but not really! Budapest Running Project is still my pride and joy but I really wanted to create a ‘girls only’ group as well. I’ve been sitting on this idea for a few weeks now and last Thursday after a lil chat with my girls decided to jump right into it. ‘If not now, when?’, right?! Quickly created an Instagram page for the group and put up an event for Friday morning. Five of us showed up for the run which is not bad considering the short notice and the 7 am meet up time.


We woke up like this.

Viki and I had a great conversation a few weeks back while out on a run. She asked me a question 14k into our run “Is it weird that I feel like a hero after every single of my runs?” and this is when the light bulb lit up in my head (along with runner’s high). “Nope, that’s not weird at all.” We run this city and we have every right to feel like a freaking (s)hero. And that’s how the name was born: Budapest Sheroes.

I’m absolutely sure that running can change lives and bringing a bunch of girls together who believe in the power of sweat will grow into something ah-mazing aka girl power. I know, I know it’s a scary super powah to have / share 😉


Budapest Sheroes is group where all the level of runners are welcome and safe.. no one will be left behind because we are here to build bridges between fitness levels rather than putting gaps between us. Running shouldn’t be about who’s faster, fitter, leaner, stronger. It’s about creating magic with each steps. All your runs should leave you feeling like a super (s)hero. After all, you are truly one! Also, feeling like a shero can come in many forms, sometimes it’s a personal PR, sometimes it’s a high five from your team mate who just finished her longest run to date with your help. IMG_0929

Shout out to my girls, Zsofi and Viki who make this all possible and helped me understand that the -shero- sessions are something we should really do. They’ve been running with the Project since last year and are staple members of the Budapest Sheroes as well. Girl gang for life!

Budapest Sheroes next event will be this Friday, June 16th @ 7am. Sign up via Facebook or Strava. You can also find us on Instagram.