Tokyo, here we come!

I’m currently sitting at London Heathrow airport waiting for our connection to Tokyo, Haneda. Pinch me! If you know me and my husband  you must know that we are in a strong and committed relationship with long distance traveling. If you’ve been following our adventures this sudden trip might not even surprise you very much.. We’ve done some crazy shit in the past such as; taking a de-tour to Hong Kong (for a 16 hour lay over) on the way to New York from Brazil just to collect crazy amount of miles or flying to Dubai from New York for a day and a half to take advantage of a $250 flight (plus those miles won’t hurt either). Yeah, we are pretty nuts but hey, YOLO, right? 🙂 Even tough we’ve done some crazy travelings before, jumping on a plane in an instant never happened before.


Blame it on Casey Neistat! 

So what happened since Friday morning and Saturday early afternoon? When I got home from my morning run yesterday, hubby asked me if I’d care for a trip to Tokyo since we’ve been talking about it a lot and he happened to stumble upon on a couple of award seats available on Japan Airlines’ first class (that doesn’t happen often unless you book it either a year out or very last minute, so here is an example for the latter one). Naturally, I agreed right away and before I knew what was happening he was already on the phone booking the flights. Wait, what? Okay, I guess. It was time to pack. Another bonus is that we’re able to check out Cathay Pacific’s newish Heathrow lounge so celebration starts  on the ground for sure.


Wait, what? Are we going to Tokyo?

We woke up early today to get in our miles (cycling for hubby, running for me) then we booked our hotel, quickly packed and off we went to the airport. We flew British Airways to London and as I mentioned earlier we’ll be flying JAL’s first class to Tokyo. This is the time for me to explain my husband’s total obsession with miles and points aka frequent traveling benefits. This trip will cost us zero cash (okay, except we are paying for the airline taxes which basically cost less than taking a bus from Budapest to Vienna). Hotels were also booked with points. If you are curious about precise explanation, email my husband 😉 I’ve been enjoying the perks of his hobby for years now. He’s been taking me on some bucket list trips on the world’s most exclusive airlines on a dime. I married a genius basically.



I’m not even sure if I truly processed what’s happening right now. I’ll be waking up in my most favorite city on planet earth tomorrow morning. Pinch me again! I cannot wait to explore the best coffee shops, eat the most delicious and freshest food and obviously run around Tokyo 🙂 ps: I packed more running gear than regular clothing. duh! Stay tuned!


Making our stay count in the lounge. 


Cathay Pacific’s First Class Lounge in London Heathrow


Spicy salmon, avocado but mostly just enjoying those micro greens! Yum.


BTS ‘lemme take a picture of this beautiful plate of fish and chips’