JAL first class to Tokyo.

This wasn’t our first time flying JAL and now we can say it for sure that they never disappoint. They make sure that that Japanese hospitality is present from the moment you board the flight. They treat you so well that you almost feel uncomfortable.


Home for the ten hour flight


Everything what you need and more (meaning, a face mask)

Our flight was truly magical and I could sit here writing pages of every tiny detail or a list of all the things they did right but I will just rely on the pictures as they are more entertaining anyways. 🙂


Kozara: From boiled summer veggies to simmered octopus..


..and of course some caviar from the western menu

Food service was absolutely bonkers. We chose the Japanese menu (obviously) with the additional caviar from the western menu. It included eight courses (those small bowls pictures were just one of the many), mostly small plates but by the end I was even too full for dessert. We are not big on drinking but when they are serving fancy af champagne that almost as old as me then we make an exception. Our glasses were never empty and we certainly didn’t have to beg for water either. I’m looking at you American Airlines.

Then it was time to hit the pillow and take advantage of that twin size seat / bed. The flight attendant rushed to help me and kindly asked me if I’d prefer soft or hard mattress *mind blown. Apparently I passed out because when I woke up we only had two hours until landing.


I asked him to act natural for the picture. 😀

I remember waking up in panic not knowing where the hell I was, but still managed to sleep a good five hours. They served a’ la carte brunch and small snacks before landing. Seriously how much food can you possibly eat on a ten hours flight?! Japanese don’t lack in sense of urgency, they requested us to change from our PJ’s back to regular human clothes way before any other airline would do so and one hour prior to landing we were seated, all garbage was picked up and even the staff was calmly waiting for landing. I didn’t see any of those usual last minute running up and down the isle. Kudos to them for being on point in every small detail.

We got here pretty early local time, around 3pm, so by 4ish we were already in our hotel thanks to the amazing public transportation. Went on a rather long walk but hey, we’ll be leaving in three days so we better use our time wisely!


Delusional on Tokyo metro.



But first, coffee from the local convenient store.

Thank you for reading, I truly appreciate you if you made it until this sentence! My first post about travel related subjects, hope that you enjoyed my thoughts 🙂 


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