Thoughts and feelings about running. Week 27.

There’s so much more behind a run than just numbers. Yesterday when I saw that I ran 50 miles / 80k last week I felt excitement. A 200 mile month never felt more approachable but my excitement was for something else. Fifty miles it’s just a number for other people but for me it means; adventures, moments, thoughts, feelings, breaths, conversations and experiences. My motivation is to be me everyday. And running for almost 7 hours last week meant that I got to be my best self for that seven hours. Every minute spent in my running shoes is a gift and when I get to share that gift with other runners that’s the ultimate happiness to me.


Saturday long run with the girls.

I had a lot of other minor realizations last week. One of them was taking advantage of my free time even if it’s very short. On Wednesday I literally had 20-25 minutes to spare in the morning so I laced up in an instant and ran two miles / 3k (fast!). I even had time to plank for a minute, cool down and shower. Boom. Mood lifted, mind opened up, I was ready to take on the rest of the day like a true boss.

A run never fails you. My biggest inspiration is being out there, day after day running the streets of the city. I always notice something new when I let the pavement feed my soul.


Crewing for hubby other known as cheer squad / water girl / worried wife.

I prioritize running over many things and that’s something I should feel guilty about but I’m not.. or at least not as much as I used to. I’m sure that many runners can relate to this. I wanna get to a point where I don’t ask permission from myself anymore and I don’t question my intuition when I wanna put on my running shoes and run out the door.


Solo miles, exploring my city.

I run because I can. Because it empowers me. Because it helps me to think or not to think at all and just be in the moment. When I run I get to focus on the given task which is to finish stronger than how I started. Running allows me to be me, to breath, to let go, to hold on, to grind, to work on myself.


Running is seeing the city from a different point of view.



Post 10 mile cool down.

I totally owe this strong training week to my sweet running group, those bad ass runners I get to run with every week. Shout out to the girls of Budapest Sheroes and the boys and girls of Budapest Running Project


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