Wednesday Run With The Project.

Wednesday night was a real mood booster. I couldn’t fall asleep until midnight which is definitely late for me. I was very possibly high on endorphins. My mind was spinning with ideas and things to take notes about as soon as I wake up.

We had a great turn out on Wednesday. Around fourteen runners showed up and I was taken aback for a moment, couldn’t even find my words.. so instead of a proper welcome speech, we started running. I was super excited about the route I planned which included some hills and a new area what I wasn’t very familiar with. In my head I knew more or less which way to go but I didn’t count with the many traffic lights we would encounter. I live for city running so I personally don’t mind stopping but I also know that running by myself is easier than coordinating a big group.


Working our way up on that first incline.

The energy was great from the beginning and climbing the first hill just elevated the mood even higher. We sped down on the downhill and got ready to climb the second hill of the day. You’d think that the group slowed down but these athletes weren’t there to take it easy. I love that everyone’s competitive side came out and pushed the pace on the incline. I’ve been saying this for a long time but here it is again: we are stronger together! We stopped for a quick water break, regrouped and kept running. It was all the way downhill.. well right until we hit the the flat part, then we had a bridge to climb on the last 400-600 m which is a Strava segment (FYI) so you can imagine that the beast comes out in everyone to win the segment. Anything for the trophies, right?! Anyways, I’m a little ahead of myself. So after the water break the group stayed together for about a kilometer but we got separated on the downhill. We ended up in two different pace groups the fast guys at the front were busting out sub 5 kilometers easily and in the back we kept it at a 5:15ish pace. Hey, when runners high hits you you have to roll with it 🙂


H2O break! Very important 🙂


My heart skips a beat.. beautiful view even more beautiful runners.

I always encourage people to challenge themselves on the last stretch of the run. It’s important to teach your body to store enough energy for that last sprint. There’s always more in our legs and a fast finish will leave you feeling like a true champ. I didn’t have to push the kids on Wednesday tho. Everyone’s inner fighter came out  and we all flew over the Margaret bridge. Strava segment was earned! Right after the sweaty high five exchange (they are a must when you run the Project) we took a group picture then everyone headed to their business except a few of us who decided to grab a quick beer and bond over some running related subjects. As I was listening to Zsolti (he is the founder of RunTogether Hungary ) I realized that I’m not alone in the struggle of organizing group events. It was like listening to myself when he talked so passionately about the love of running and community.


Pure joy.


Forever Mood.

Last year I went overboard with the amount of work I put behind Budapest Running Project. This year I’m trying to take a step back and be more easygoing about it however, I have a big responsibility to bring my absolute best on these runs and provide an epic experience for the runners who show up and want to share their kilometers with us.


Runners high on sweat.

I’m grateful for each and every person who ran, run and will run with us in the hopefully near future. Your support means the world. Let’s move mountains together! Spread the word because we are here to stay 😉


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